Primary Care Niagara puts their “ear on the ground”


Primary Care Niagara puts their “ear on the ground” and uses the survey responses from over 5,000 patients to improve patient care and wait times.


Over the past eleven years Primary Care Niagara has surveyed over 5,000 patients. In our July 2014 random, confidential survey of 1122 patients the over-all clinic satisfaction rating was 8.7 out of 10. In addition, patients rated the PCN on-line and SmartPhone APP check-in with an 8.7 out of 10 approval rating.

According to the survey results, patients say that their average longest wait time at Primary Care Niagara clinics is 24 minutes shorter any other clinic they visit in the Niagara Region.

One patient commented, “Thank you for looking at my feedback. I have never been given this opportunity at any doctors’ office before.”

In a recent interview, Tim Windsor, the Clinical Services Director at Primary Care Niagara, commented that “we are constantly looking for ways to monitor and improve the way we provide medical care services to the patients who come to our clinics. In an effort to gather valuable information we ask patients, the real ‘customer’ in our medical system, how we are doing and how we can do it better. We are committed to investing the resources required to put our ‘ear on the ground’ because we believe that continuous improvement requires continuous monitoring.”

As a result of the feedback received in this most recent survey, PCN Clinic’s in Niagara Falls and Welland have already made some changes in the way on-line and SmartPhone APP check-in’s are processed. This has already resulted in an average in-clinic wait time reduction of over 14 minutes.